Nov 18, 2021
Chasing Compliance Pre-Launch

On 17 November 2021, I introduced "Chasing Compliance: The IGNUS SOLUTIONS LIMITED Membership Forum" in a pre-launch live on my YouTube Channel, The Si of Regulation. 


My Why?

I want to help! There are things that I want to help with that I couldn’t do in my day job. I’ve had tremendous opportunities in my regulatory career – from being a part of working groups with international standard setters to speaking at conferences, to teaching and most importantly, to learning. Interacting with compliance professionals (including other regulators, law enforcement professionals and thought leaders) is a big part of what has enriched my career. There is a common thread that has led me here.  

First, as a financial services regulator – when I am across the desk from a fellow professional from the other side of the regulatory divide (typically directors or compliance officers of a licensee), whether during a meeting or an onsite inspection, I have seen many avoidable missteps unfold in front of me. In that position, I am typically ‘administering a test’ and I cannot give clues on what would be a better answer to the questions I am asking. I cannot say that is not the right approach, or “I wouldn’t do that if I were in your position”. What I could and often did was give guidance to help steer persons in the right direction when I could. Regulators cannot give the right answers to some of the critical questions, some of it for liability reasons; if a regulator said do x and a licensee did just that and a breach still occurs, who is to blame? A licensee would certainly look to indemnify themselves based on the fact that the regulator said do x! But there is still a space to address what I see as a gap.

From my experience, post-presentation discussions (whether after lecturing for compliance-focused classes or after presenting at a conference) are more relaxed and allow for more frank discussions. The same caveat exists with telling people what do to, but having more relaxed discussions on compliance issues has, at least from my vantage point, added a lot of value to financial services professionals. You see, in those discussions, there is no fear (or a lot less of it). Fear of what you may ask. Fear of possible entrapment.  

You see, in those discussions, there is no fear of a regulator using what has been said against them – especially if it is not their direct regulator! Being a compliance officer is challenging enough (and so is being a regulator). Those honest discussions between professionals helping each other gain insight and perspective on some of the most challenging careers. There are also disagreements, new ideas for challenging legacy issues, updates on international movements and touchstones to take away and ponder. Oftentimes, it was only in the classroom setting that the opportunity to revisit hot topics in the following lecture. I loved that energy and from my read of those rooms, so did compliance professionals! So why not continue the discussions? Would compliance professionals find value in that? I think the answer is yes. This is the why!


Why ‘Chasing Compliance’?

Perfect compliance is akin to attaining travel at the speed of light! Theoretical physics is a bit out of my scope, but compliance dynamics is right in my wheelhouse! Is it possible to attain either perfect compliance or light speed travel? We will only know if we chase those goals!  

What do you get?

Our lives are demanding. Compliance professionals have some of the most demanding jobs, and the trend is already obvious that this will only continue. The membership will provide several things. Beyond a forum to continue the all-important discussions, you will get access to curated information, insights from other professionals (including guest speakers), and discounts to other products offered by IGNUS SOLUTIONS LIMITED, my company, now and in the future. This will be a closed membership. That means that entry will only be permitted during future launch windows.

What’s the cost?

I’m excited to offer the lowest rate that will ever be offered for the membership during this pre-launch. There are limited spaces and a limited time for those that I am looking forward to welcoming as the Founding Members at $39.99 per month! That price will never change for the Founding Members (once they remain in good standing).

How do I sign up?!

Remember, this will be a closed membership. I am keen to ensure that the members have a great experience. Launch windows allow for a better start to your journey! It is true for space missions, but also true for memberships in a lot of cases.  

What to do if you miss this launch window?

I really do hope you can join us now, but if you miss the window, or all of the slots are filled, we’ll put you on a waiting list to give you advanced notice of the next launch.

Who should sign up?

Anyone who identifies as a compliance professional in the financial services industry! Of course, I am speaking about Compliance Officers, Money Laundering Reporting Officers and Compliance Administrators. If your role involves Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC), sanctions compliance, risk assessments, due diligence, etc. then this membership is for you!

I will point out that the membership is not for everyone! If you are a compliance professional and you have all the answers, then this is not the membership for you.

What is provided?

At a minimum, there will be a live discussion twice per month. If a member cannot make one of the scheduled live calls, they will also have access to the audio of those calls. There are also feature topics each month. Some topics have a lot of ground to cover and may spill into a second month. Those feature topics will help drive the discussions within the members' platform, some of which will include contributions from guest speakers or helpful bonus materials.

When do you start?

Join me now! The first post-launch call that gets the membership going will be 8 December 2021. Remember, there are limited slots and, the window for this pre-launch will close on 30 November 2021!


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