Effective date: 15 February, 2021 


IGNUS SOLUTIONS LIMITED is a company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands under the BVI Business Companies Act, 2004.  The governing law applicable to all engagements is that of the British Virgin Islands.


We welcome you to review this policy document applicable to all products and services offered by IGNUS SOLUTIONS LIMITED. Our courses are designed to promote a deeper understanding of various compliance topics specific to the financial services industry.  Courses are designed to assist professionals and future professionals of varying experience and qualifications.  It is important to note that the courses offered by IGNUS SOLUTIONS LIMITED do not provide a certification nor are the courses accredited with an accreditation body.


Engagement with the instructor and other professionals is encouraged.  However, this engagement should enhance learning, capacity building and discussions.  Working in the field of compliance can be stressful enough.  Therefore, please extend common courtesies to each other; demeaning comments are not welcomed.  Keep your engagements respectful!  Excessive use of profanity is not acceptable.  Interaction is encouraged towards the goal of a deeper understanding of core compliance issues.  It is our goal to work with professionals to develop and enhance their skills and knowledge.  In sharing your experiences, it is important to ensure that you maintain confidentiality as applicable to your employment and any relevant laws.  Therefore, we encourage thoughtful discretion on what can and cannot be shared.  Professionals who breach the policy as it relates to conduct may be discontinued from some or all products and services being offered.


Course Delivery

In some cases, courses may be delivered over a fixed time period (i.e., over 4 weeks), with content being released on a fixed schedule.  IGNUS SOLUTIONS LIMITED reserves the right to amend any course delivery to extend the time of delivery due to technological interruptions.  Where interruptions are unavoidable, professionals will be alerted within 2 business days of the occurrence of the interruption.  Courses delivered over a fixed time period will not be altered for immediate delivery.



Being focused on the learning and development of professionals, we at IGNUS SOLUTIONS LIMITED recognize the importance of interactions between the instructor and professionals.  On this basis, registration for courses and other products and services may be limited from time to time.  We reserve the sole discretion to close registration without notice to ensure the quality of engagement can remain at a high level.



Assessments may be made available with courses and other products.  The primary purpose of any assessment is to encourage analysis of concepts being delivered, encourage engagement and interaction with other professionals and the instructor.  It is important to note that these assessments will not be graded or evaluated by IGNUS SOLUTIONS LIMITED.



IGNUS SOLUTIONS LIMITED will not use any testimonials unless provided by professionals that have given their authorization to do so. 


At IGNUS SOLUTIONS LIMITED, we understand that the needs of each professional and future professional will vary.  If you determine that our products and services are not what you expected, you may opt to discontinue your engagement.  As such, we offer a full refund of monies paid 15 days after sign-up / registration for courses.  For our membership forum, you may stop membership and will not be charged for the subsequent payment that may be due after membership.  Any other requests for refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  However, it is important to note that any refund request that falls outside of the above listed scenarios may not result in a refund. 





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